As many of you know: we moved a couple weeks ago and we had (and still have) some major remodeling to do because the new house is from the 1960s and needs lots of TLC. Today I like to share with you the remodel process of my son´s room! I always think it is so fun to see before and after photos and I hope you enjoy this too. Well, you can just relax and see the progress, while we have to actually do it. ;-)

Wow! What a little paint, new flooring,new doors and blinds can do to a room! My son was lucky enough to get 2 bedrooms- but we removed the wall in between of the 2 rooms. The result is one oversized modern boys room!

You can see on this photo (on the left) where the wall used to be. 

It was BTW my son´s idea to paint one wall orange and I love it! My son also helped painting the walls!

Furniture and bed sheets are from IKEA. The laminate floor is from Floor & Decor, the paint is from Scott paint.