Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette New-trals vs Neutrals

I´m a big fan of Makeup Revolution- they are truly revolting the makeup industry with their beautiful palettes that are super affordable! No need to spend big bucks here to get some gorgeous makeup! 

The Makeup Revolution New-trals vs Neutrals is one of my absolute favorite palettes (and a great alternative for the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette as I showed you here). Yes, it contains neutral colors like warm chocolates, beiges but also fabulous shimmery colors and all the peaches are a dream! The eyeshadows feel super creamy and are nicely pigmented. There is only one color that I don't really like (bottom row on the right) which is a glittery patchy dark grey color. Otherwise: BEAUTY- FULL! Only $10 at Ulta!

Makeup Revolution New-trals vs Neutrals top row swatches

Makeup Revolution New-trals vs Neutrals bottom row swatches

The Makeup Revolution Blush Palette Goddess contains 4 matte blushes from coral to pink as well as 4 highlighters from pinkish to golden. I showed you here how to dupe the Becca Jaclyn Hill Face palette with this one. I find the blushes all very nice- some highlighters feel a bit tough and chalky- BUT: we have to remember this one is only $10 and therefore it is absolutely a winner!

Makeup Revolution Blush Palette Goddess swatches

The Makeup Revolution Shimmer Brick Radiant contains 5 super shimmery colors- you can get that glow going on your cheeks- or like me use it as eyeshadows. From beige to pink and bronze colors. It reminds me strongly on the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick- but this one costs only a fraction! $7! Wow!


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