I was very upset, when I read 2 weeks ago on Tashina´s blog "Logical Harmony" that Method is no longer cruelty free (read her post here), because I rely greatly on their products. Method is my choice of body wash, hand soap and household cleaning products. After reading her post, I wasn´t sure on what to think. So, the problem is, that Method decided to test now on daphnia. Like me, you might have never heard of daphnia? Well, daphnia are nothing else but water fleas and this is how they look like:

Image source: Wikipedia
Daphnia are particularly useful because of its short lifespan and reproductive capabilities and because they are nearly transparent, you can see their internal organs. Daphnia are extremely sensitive to the tiniest changes in water and die from even very low levels of toxins.

From everything that I researched about these tests, I find that in the long run they are extremely helpful, because Method is trying to create super safe household cleaning products and soaps that don´t hurt our environment and unfortunately daphnia are a great solution to test the safety. 

Yes, daphnia are insects and therefore also animals, but I still find it is a big difference to test on water fleas (that have a lifespan of 30 days) by pouring some soap into their container, than to squirt laundry detergent into a rabbits eye (excuse my directness). Who am I to judge that a water flea is less worth than a rabbit or mouse? I am not God and I shouldn´t judge, but yet: I can´t help it! It´s fleas..

I am also not vegan, yet I still choose to only buy cruelty free cosmetic. It is not always black or white.

That is why I have come to the conclusion, that I will still support Method. I have not a big problem if Method tests their products on daphnia, because in the long run these tests help us all through creating environmental safe cleaning products. How wonderful, if we all could use laundry detergent that does not hurt our marine life and environment!

But I totally understand if you are not with me on this, and think it is cruel to test on water fleas. The decision is ultimately yours. 

Let me know your thoughts about this.

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