So now I´m 40 years old. Wow! How time runs by! I remember how bad I felt, when I turned 37. For some reason that seemed sooo old and so close to the 40. I really did not feel good back then! It was this feeling of "This was it!" cause basically your life took its direction and it feels like you can´t change much anymore. Of course there is also the visible signs of aging- the fine lines, wrinkles, frown lines. A bit of a midlife crisis maybe? But when I turned 38 and then 39 I was OK again. Can´t really explain why. Oh well, now it´s 40 and what can you do about it? After all: we are all in the same boat! :-)

I´m pretty low key and did not want to have the hassle of a big birthday party- especially since we are moving next week and I´ve got some stress on my hands. I might be 40, but I´ve got currently (stress?) pimples on my skin like a 16 year old. LOL!

My sweet husband surprised me with some gorgeous white roses (he knows I don´t like red roses lol) and bought me really beautiful lingerie from Victoria Secret. He did really well! Applause for him for picking the right sizes and also: simply for going in that store! I know that I don´t feel very comfortable going in there myself and for a man going alone into a Victoria Secret store- so sweet!

I don´t know how I deserve so much love this year, but a couple of very sweet old friends send me also some awesome cosmetic from Germany (THANK YOU SO MUCH ANTJE & HEIKE! YOU ARE TOO KIND!). They both made sure that everything is of course cruelty free! So thoughtful! Heike visited us around Christmas and brought me 3 body washes by treaclemoon and they are so delicious but "one ginger morning" was my absolute favorite (as I wrote in this post) and so she send me the full size bottle- that for sure will be more than just "one ginger morning" for me! I wish treaclemoon would be available in the U.S.! Those bottles that look like nail polish are btw highlighters- they only look like nail polish- isn´t that cute? I´m excited to try the Shea Butter items by The Body Shop- yes they have that store also in Germany! ;-)

My husband and my beautiful son and me went yesterday to have a fabulous breakfast at Station 400. Love that place and we always get the same table (outside in the heat lol). 

And in the night we went with friends to the Winghouse (well that really is low key for a birthday- isn´t it?) and to the Comedy Club. Dude! That guy (Mitch Fatel) was weird... BUT funny! 

Anyway: I was just checking in and telling you that being 40 is not the end of the world. One of the most important things that I learned becoming older and wiser (cough) is saying "No" once in a while. I used to always say "Yes" to everything- but I learned my lesson. There is situations when a clear "No" can feel actually really freeing. Just my 2 cents! ;-)

And thank you so much for all your birthday wishes! What a wonderful group of ladies you all are! Thank you so much!