It´s actually not the right time for a little getaway for us, because we are moving within the next 3 days into our new place- but anyway we just did! A little trip to the Rainbow River for tubing and the next day we went to the Silver Springs Park. 

It´s just a 2 hour drive from our home and we started having some lunch at Swampy´s which offers beautiful views to the Rainbow River that shines stunningly green and blue and is crystal clear.

I thought it was funny that I had pink polish with glitter and my friend wore purple with glitter and had to make a photo! ;-)

After lunch my husband had to order dessert and so we all had to wait for him to finish it. Well, I also dug in- it was really delicious- fried cheesecake with vanilla ice cream! YUM!

The Rainbow River is so refreshing and cold- super unusual for Florida waters- I loved it. Have never tubed before but really enjoyed it- only problem: we pretty fast lost our friends because it isn´t easy to "stick" together even though the river is really slow. My son had a blast and jumped off the tube all the time. I did once and then had really trouble getting on again. And my husband is too chicken to swim lol. And yes: you could possibly swim next to gator (though we did not see any).

The next day we went to the Silver Springs Park. I am not new to the park because we used to live in Ocala many years ago, but I was surprised that it completely changed because the original owners went bankrupt and the government bought it back. Therefore now it´s only $2 entrance fee but all the animals and attractions- except the glass boats (those are extra $11) are gone. This park has this 50s flair in my opinion which feels really nostalgic. 

Because I am living since 10 years in Florida, I am not particular freaked out anymore by gators, (though I would not swim next to them lol) but I know everybody else is always. The people on the boat were all freaked out- but really: these gators are usually super nice and peaceful! I know you heard about them attacking people but that is usually the fault of the humans as they come too close and the gators - often times- only try to protect their own babies.  We have even gators swimming in our community pond. Where else should they go? They live here! I am always so sad when people (yes you from Ohio and Michigan lol) call some service to get them "removed". Unfortunately most times they get simply killed. Makes me so sad!

Anyway: I am not sure if I will have time to blog in the next couple of days because of the move- we will see! ;-)