Wow! In my whole life (that is soon 40 years loooong!) I can only remember to have had very dry and coarse hair. While many conditioners or hair masks would help me temporarily, never did I see effects in the long run. 

But I am at the moment in Seventh heaven with the Ion Keratin Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner from Sally Beauty Supply! I use this system since 2 month for every single wash (every 2 days and yes: had to repurchase already) and I honestly can say: my hair changed so much: it feels so super soft! No dry or brittle ends either! And it´s just feeling real healthy and shiny!

If you have dry, coarse, thick and unmanageable hair, you gotta run to your Sally Beauty Supply and try this out. It even smells great! I find the consistency of the conditioner a little runny and thin- but it does not really matter because: it works! SO HAPPY!

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