I have so much fun picking my weekly new nail color but I forgot actually to share them with you for a long time- although you can always see them on my Instagram. So yesterday I picked a barbie pink (it´s Madam Glam in "Just a Flirt!) with some golden specks on top! If you hate the hassle of getting rid of glitter nail polish- this one will surprise you! 

Not only does it not feel gritty at all, but instead super even and smooth- it is also very easy to take it off again with a nail polish remover. My absolute favorite glitter nail polish ever! If you look careful, you will notice that it is not real glitter but instead looks more like real specks of leaf gold! What is it? It´s from Zoya in the color Maria Luisa! Love it and looks great on top of any color really!

Those roses that my husband gave me on my birthday were really helpful for the pictures! ;-)

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