Isn't it super interesting to know, how much money YouTubers make? So today I have some of the best YouTube Beauty Gurus with their estimated yearly earnings for you!  Crazy to think that there is ladies & gentlemen out there, that can not only live from what they earn on YouTube- no they make really good money with it! While it is not possible to tell you, what they make for sponsorships (paid YouTube videos for reviews- on Famebit it usually is $1000 per video) and other gigs they land because they became famous, it is possible to get estimates what they make only on YouTube through the YouTube ads that play on their videos. If you are on YouTube, go ahead and check out your own channel on I found my estimates pretty darn correct. While the estimated range is for some YouTubers pretty large- you can say that they will probably all be a little more on the higher end of the range.

One astounding thing: a high subscriber count does not automatically mean that you make more money! It is more about how much content (videos) you create and how many views you receive. Check out Tati's channel for example! With "only" 1.6 Mio subscribers (compared to other channels that have more subscribers but earn less money), she makes something in the $64.7K-$1M- and that is only what she gets paid from YouTube- not counting her collabs with Birchbox, Lancome etc pp! Why is that? She is a workaholic and uploads from Mo-Fr! That takes so much effort and work! If you have never created a YouTube video, you don't even know, how much work that is! I barely am able to upload 1 video per week (and haven't uploaded since 2 weeks anything lol). I guess hard work really pays off on YouTube! 

The biggest estimated income I found has grav3yardgirl with something between $105K-$1.7M- but she has 7 Mio subscribers. Again: that is not even counting her money she makes through collabs like her new eye palette she created with Tarte.

So, here are some channels that just came to my mind. Feel free to ask me to add channels if you like! ;-)


Carli Bybel $27.6K-$441.1K 4.5 Mio
CoffeeBreakwithDani $1.1K-$17.2K 398K
eleventhgorgeous $9.9K-$158.1K 1.5 Mio
emilynoel83 $6K-$96.1K824K
grav3yardgirl $105K-$1.7M 7 Mio
Ingrid Nilsen $13.6K-218.3K 4 Mio
Jaclyn Hill $22.7K-362.6K 3.1 Mio
jeffreestar $47.1K-$753.4K 1.6 Mio
Jessica Braun $3.3K-$52.8K 292K
Kandee Johnson $11.1K-$178.4K 3.6 Mio
KathleenLights $34.4K-$550.8K 2.3 Mio
Lauren Curtis $10.1K-$162.1K 3.5 Mio
leighannsays $2.1K-$33.2K 747K
LisaLisaD1 $745-$11.9K 79K
Makeup Geek $3.3K-$52.2K 1.3 Mio
Manny Mua $17.6K-$281.1K 1.3 Mio
Michelle Phan $26K-$415.5K 8.6 Mio
Mimi Ikonn $7.4K-$118.2K 590K
Nicole Guerriero $7.7K-$123.9K 2.6 Mio
NikkieTutorials $53.3K-$852.1K 3.7 Mio
NikkiPhillippi $6.3K-$100.7K 1.1 Mio
PatrickStarrr $10.1K-$162K 1.2 Mio
pixiwoo $6.5K-$104.1K 2 Mio
Samantha Schuerman $1.2K-$19.2K 227K
Shaaanxo $25.7K-411.7K 2.5 Mio
TalkBeckyTalk $1K-$16K 168K
Tanya Burr $14.5K-$232.1K 3.5 Mio
Tati $64.7K-$1M 1.6 Mio
Teni Panosian $4.5-$71.6K 1 Mio

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