It is HOT and HUMID! Not easy for an oily girl like me! So today, I share with you my top 5 best foundations for oily skin in summer! These foundations are lightweight, include SPF, don´t feel greasy and provide a light to medium coverage and most importantly don´t make me look like a shiny greasy mess!

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1. The Tarte BB tinted primer treatment goes on super light weight and includes already a primer- it feels so super silky but still provides a great light to medium coverage. It also includes a SPF of 30! Great stuff! $37

2. The Ulta Double Duty foundation is an old favorite of mine. Great medium coverage and it smells like marzipan! This foundation is made in Italy and has a whipped consistency and goes on very matte and stays like that for many hours. Only downside: no SPF included (although I noticed it includes titanium dioxide -which is actually a mineral sunscreen and I reached out to Ulta but they did not respond). Great affordable drugstore foundation! $12.50

UPDATE: This item is no longer available. Try instead the Ulta Demi Matte Foundation with SPF 20! ($14)

3. The Nars velvet matte skin tint is another fave of mine for summer: it feels so super lightweight and offers a light to medium coverage. It includes a SPF of 30 and goes on and stays very matte. $45

4. I recently discovered the Urban Decay one & done foundation (read my full review here) and was surprised how nicely matte this goes on. It blurs even fine lines- but: it provides only a sheer very light coverage. This is great if you are only looking for a little skin tint on casual easy days. It includes a SPF of 20. $36

5. The IT Cosmetics CC cream is not necessarily for oily girls- but I still love it! I know, it looks a bit shiny and glowy but I love the coverage (very good medium) so so much that I still like to use it. The coverage is the best of all the foundations in this post! I find it is OK if our skin shines a tad during summer- makes it look fresh and hydrated. If you like, you could use a tiny bit of a setting powder to achieve a more matte face (I love currently the Laura Mercier setting powder) Amazing SPF of 50! $38

Now beat the heat! ;-)

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