Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

Feeling stressed out? Need a little vacation, but don´t have time for that- or the money? Well, then you need the new Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer! What a fabulous bronzer. Even if you don´t have time to go on a little vacation- with this sweet little gem you will at least look like you did one! ;-)

Adorable packaging that makes you feel immediately like being on an Island and when you open it up, you will be greeted by coconut scent fantasies. The very first time the scent might be a little overwhelming- if it is too many coconuts to handle for you- fear not- leave it open one night and it will dissolve to as many pina coladas as you can handle. 

Not quite sure, what to do with the strange applicator inside- I prefer to use my giant Real Techniques brush for an all over face and chest glowing tan!

Like pure silk this bronzer goes onto your skin- it´s foolproof as well. No matter how much you dig in this beautiful smooth formula- you have no chance to apply too much of a vacation onto your face. This does not mean that it is not pigmented- but it´s just pigmented so wonderfully natural- and even though it has some sheen to it- it looks absolutely like the perfect tan. 

Told you: if you need a little vacation, you need the new Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer. Enough said.

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