Makeup tricks that make you look 10 years younger!

Today I have awesome makeup tricks for you that will help you look 10 years younger! At least if you suffer from one of the following issues:


Lay on your back to apply your crease eyeshadow- especially if you have hooded, small and crepey eyes! Watch it in the video (at the very end of this post) where I explain it. For us "hooded" girls it is very tough to find the crease but in the laying position you can see the exact points much better! Try it out! ;-)


Use the Skinn Instafill eye primer against those crepey eyes! This will make the crepey skin so much smoother and avoids that the makeup brush is skipping! It is a bit of a learning process, how to use this stuff. I have a little demo in my video below. Use only a tiny amount and just dab it in- no rubbing or tugging or it will ball up.


Plump those vertical lines on your lips up with the Elf lip plumper- but not applied on your lips. Apply it directly onto the vertical lines! Wait 1 minute before you apply lipstick.


A great product to stop the bleeding of lipstick into your vertical lip lines: the Milani Anti Feathering lip liner. I tried it with my most runny lipstick and it really avoids the bleeding of your lipstick! Genius!


Press the It Cosmetics bye bye pores powder with a little puff into your pores- works much better then with a brush because you are able to put more product into the pores. This helps smooth out the look of enlarged pores. They won´t really shrink- but they look better and smoothed out.


For concealer: less is definitely more! Apply really only where needed and don´t cake it on. The less concealer you use, the less there is a chance to crease. My favorite under eye concealers are the Advanced Mineral Perfecting Concealer (does not crease on me yay!) and the It Cosmetics bye bye under eye concealer, which has a very similar consistency to the Advanced Minerals Perfecting Concealer: both are thick, creamy and have a very dewy finish. 

I personally don´t like to set my under eye area (powder just accentuates fine lines)- or if I feel like I have to, I use just the tiniest amount of powder.  Don´t forget to conceal that inner corner of your eyes- it tends to get darker the older we get.  

Also: in case you went overboard with that eyeshadow in the outer corners of your eyes- drag it with a little concealer up to the brow: almost like an instant face lift. Too much eyeshadow in the outside corners of your eyes will make you look older and weighs the eyes down.

7. FROWN LINES OR "11s"? 

 I have been pretty obsessed in perfecting my style to conceal the frown line between my eyes. I have a little demo in my video below. I like to use a chubby concealer in 2 colors (I use the Billion Dollar Brow concealer). A concealer pencil works best because it will stay were I put it. First I go right into the frown line with a very light color. Then I smudge from right to left the medium color and pat it all in. 


One of my favorite things to do after I am ready with my makeup application: blur those forehead wrinkles out with the Mybody primer. This product is a very thick paste that I pat onto my forehead wrinkles- check the video to see the instant results. I also love the fact that this is tinted already- makes it undetectable on my skin.  I discovered the effect by accident- I don´t think the company knows that this is a genius product to diminish the look of wrinkles! This is actually a face primer with SPF 30 (awesome bonus!) that is intended to use before the foundation, but it works so much better the other way around lol. 

The same effect has the Nanoblur. It blurs out magically fine lines and even deep wrinkles and you only need to dab on a tiny amount. This is a thin white lotion and works excellent. 

Another cheap alternative is the Elf Wrinkle Refiner for only $3. But I find that you can use this only if you don´t use foundation as it somehow changes it´s structure and becomes patchy together with a foundation. So, if you have a good skin day and only wrinkles (meaning no redness or pimples etc), then this a great way to smooth out the look of your forhead wrinkles. 

Watch my Makeup tricks life- with demonstrations of each product!

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