Bangs are such a weird thing: every time I see a pretty girl with bangs, I want bangs. Then I cut myself bangs and the very next day, I wish I would not have done it. Also: I have quite frizzy and unruly hair and the shorter my hair gets, the more curly it is. Bangs take me a whole lot of work: I have to straighten them and they are annoying when I go to the pool. It´s hot and I want my hair out of my face. So, how convenient for having some clip in bangs! Ha! Tricked you! 

Yes, you heard right: these are clip in hair extensions! I love them! Now I can just wear bangs whenever I please and take them out again when my mood isn´t in for bangs (or I go to the pool lol)! Isn´t that awesome? I wore these in my recent video here and almost nobody realized that they are fake (well, they should have watched the end of the video, where I revealed that they are fake lol)! 

Everybody kept complimenting me on them. The trick is in the longer sides of these bangs- you will take these and work them into your own hair. My hair is more gold toned then the ash blonde of these clip in bangs but it worked, cause I put the longer ends into my own hair. There is 2 clips inside- so you don´t have to worry that the bangs fall out or something- cause that would be just embarrassing lol.

Can´t beat the price tag! Depending on your style and color, these start with a $1.99! Wow´sers! I admit that I had a couple of hairs falling out right away, so I pulled a couple times strong to get the loose ones out- but now all works seamless.

So, if you don´t want to commit to bangs, you surely will have fun with some clip hair extension bangs! I surely do!

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