How to make your own Vitamin C serum!

Today I show you, how to make your own Vitamin C serum! I already explained here why you should use a Vitamin C serum and I also showed you here my favorite brand of a Vitamin C serum, but I went a step ahead now and make from now on my own Vitamin C serum.


Because it is cheaper and better (the Vitamin C powder is more active, fresher and free of preservatives!). The costs are about $1.25 for 2 weeks (or $2.50 if you use rosewater).

The only con is that you will have to do a new batch every 2-3 weeks as we don´t use preservatives and the Vitamin C serum will expire sooner. But it really is not much work to do a new batch! It will take you 1 minute every 2 weeks, I promise!

What you need:

Ascorbic Acid Powder and distilled water- or rosewater if you like to be fancy. If you have dry skin, you might consider adding also Glycerin.

I personally use rosewater as this smells fabulous and is already distilled.

Because this DIY Vitamin C serum is so much more active, you might find that 20 % is too much to handle (it can almost sting a little bit which I have never experienced with a store bought item)- so you might want to start with a 10 % Vitamin C serum and depending on your skin´s tolerance move your way up over a couple of weeks to the desired 20 %.

For a 10 % Vitamin C serum you need:

10% Vitamin C serum for dry skin:

For a 20 % Vitamin C serum you need:

20 % Vitamin C serum for dry skin:

Fill it into a spray bottle (don´t use a clear one!) and shake it real good! You can store it in the fridge to leave it longer fresh. If the nozzle gets clogged from the Vitamin C crystals- just run the nozzle under hot water.

That´s it! So easy and so effective! Enjoy!

Spray every morning onto your face, neck and don´t forget the back of your hands too (against those age spots!)

Watch it also on YouTube!

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