Most men -that I know- don´t really care for cosmetic or skin care (I´m forcing my husband to use some eye cream lol) but for those that do, or have a wife/girlfriend that is like me: here are your cruelty free skin care brands for men!

1. Jack Black- a bit more on the pricier side but a huge selection of items- not only skin care but also everything around hair care, body care or shaving. All your man needs! Available online or at Sephora.

2. Foreo recently released it´s facial cleanser version for men and also a black Foreo- so your man does not have to feel weird to use your pink one! Get it at Sephora.

3. Paula´s choice price range is good- not too pricey but not cheap either. Honestly my favorite skin care brand ever. You get quality skin care products you can count on! Also: the most friendliest customer service ever! Give them a call or write an email and they will send you free samples to your special skin´s needs- or your man´s!

4. Every Man Jack (see my review) just launched at Target and has everything to offer from shaving to body washes and even deodorants (really want to try that one myself as my search for a cruelty free deodorant is not satisfied yet as you can see here). Super affordable way to make your man go cruelty free! 

5. Bulldog Skin Care for Men is a skin care brand for men from the U.K. that is now available at Target.

6. Yes to offers a complete skin care line for men!

7. Marlowe. (the "." is not a typo!) is a skin care brand for men that just launched at Target!

There you go, now get your man some skin care! ;-)

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