8 tips for healthy & strong nails!

Today I have 8 tips for you for healthy & strong nails!

1. Cut your nails while you still have nail polish on- to avoid breakage! Use a very good scissor (this one is great) and try to cut your nail in "one round cut" (instead of multiple little cuts).

2. After you took the nail polish off, scrub your nails with a nail brush under running water to get really rid of any acetone. Acetone should not stay on your nails as they make them weaker. The hand brush will also massage your cuticles and the nail bed which will help to make your nails stronger.

3. Use a nourishing hand cream (I like the Shea Moisture Replenish & Rejuvanate hand cream with Black Pearl Protein & Sea Buckthorn Oil). Pay special attention to the nails and the sides of your nails and really massage the hand cream in there as well.

4. Cut your cuticles only when really needed (use this tool). Sometimes I don´t have to cut any cuticles away for weeks! I don´t agree on the habit of nail salons to scratch away all your cuticles and skin with harsh metal tools. If I have to push back a little skin, I use only a rubber tool- never metal. This is way to invasive in my opinion. If you don´t have a rubber pusher like this, here´s a life hack: use the eraser on the tip of your pencil! Works just as good and gentle!

5. File your nails while they are still soft from scrubbing them under running water. First file around (left to right)- then seal them (front to back). You might want to watch my video, where I show this movement:

I also only recommend using a diamond file (like this one)- all others files out there are no good in my opinion and rather then "sealing" your nails, they "open" them with tiny little cuts.

6. Always use a fabulous base coat. I highly recommend Gelous (available at Sally Beauty Supply for $5.99). This will not only help to avoid yellowing of your nails but make them stronger. Gelous is not just a base coat- it is a treatment! The bottle lasts me a year- so this is really not expensive.

7. Always have nail polish on! I never leave the house without nail polish on my nails! I find this creates a barrier for my nails, makes them harder and stronger to avoid breakage.

8. Use a dishwashing brush to wash your dishes to avoid having your nails too long soaked in water which can make them weak in the long run.

I hope this was helpful! Let me know your favorite tip for healthy strong nails!

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