Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette DUPE!!!

Today I have a Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Dupe for you! I am so mad with Too Faced! I really don´t like their recent marketing strategies of getting us all hyped up over their palettes (same for the Peanut butter Jelly Palette) and then not making it available - see my rant in my video! 

It made me google for a dupe and guess what? I found one. Makeup Revolution apparently dupes all of the Too Faced Chocolate Bars!

Check out the Semi-Sweet dupe! Crazy!!!

And here is the dupe for the Sweet Peach Palette- it is called Chocolate Vice. Although the colors are not all a match- a huge similarity is clearly visible- and the peaches are all in there. And that for around $12! Wohoo.

I knew that my Ulta store carries Makeup Revolution, so I ran as fast as I could- but unfortunately the Chocolate Vice is not available in the U.S. (Makeup Revolution is located in the U.K. and you can order it online with $7.95 shipping- but I could not wait any longer to satisfy my peach cravings! LOL!)


The Makeup Revolution New-Trals (get it? "New Neutrals") has the most gorgeous peachy colors included. Don´t let the ugly picture on Ulta´s website fool ya- cause this palette is amazeballs and super pigmented. You might want to look at my pics!

Makeup Revolution New-Trals Top Row

Makeup Revolution New-Trals Bottom Row

 I must tell you: My peach cravings are more then satisfied! Check out all the peachy colors in this palette! So pretty! Super pigmented- I highly recommend if you like to get that peach finally going! And the best part: this palette retails for only $10 and with the current $3.50 coupon it´s just $6.50!!! That is craziness!

Makeup Revolution New-Trals All Peachy colors!!!
And to your silly game Too Faced: No, I`m out. I don´t want your palette anymore- also the swatches of the YouTubers you send the palette to, seem underwhelming in my opinion- I was expecting much more peachy and orangey colors. But thanks anyway, Too Faced. 

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