Milani Anti Feathering Lipliner- Does this really work?

I tried out the Milani Anti Feathering Lipliner cause I was curious if this really works. I do get more and more vertical lines around my lips and find that a lot of lipsticks will bleed after a couple of hours into those lines. This clear looking lipliner seemed promising!

I tried it first with a lipstick that usually is very runny on me! I applied the lipliner only on one side of my lips and topped it off with the lipstick on both sides. But I was impressed! After 4 hours I could clearly a difference. The side with the lipliner was much cleaner- absolutely no bleeding visible- while on the other side I saw the lipstick running into my fine lines.

The next day I tried the lip liner with a lip gloss.  And what should I tell you? After 4 hours I could again tell a clear difference- the side without the Milani lipliner let that lip gloss run into all my lip lines- yack! 

I am impressed and this Milani Anti Featuring lipliner is from now on my holy grail makeup item!

If you also have vertical lines around your lips, you should definitely try this one out! Helps tremendously in my opinion.

I have the Milani Anti Feathering Lipliner applied on the right side of my lips. The first photo is right after application and the second photo is after 4 hours. You can clearly see how the lipstick/lip gloss runs after 4 hours into the vertical lines of my lips on the left side.
Left side of my lips without Milani lipliner- right side with the Milani lipliner. 

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