Rechargeable Pedicure Tool Foot File By Treat My Feet

Spring is here and we need to take care of our completely forgotten feet! This Rechargeable Pedicure Tool Foot File By Treat My Feet helps us getting rid of our winter callus! Personally I am a germo-phopic and went only once in my whole life to get a professional pedicure and I hated it lol! OK, I admit: I am highly ticklish, but also I am so very scared of germs. I don´t care that they disinfect everything (hopefully)- after all it can´t be cleaner then in my own house. 

So I am more then happy to get my own pedicure done at the convenience of my own bathtub. Yes, I like to sit on the side of my bathtub, so the gunk lands in there and I can just shower the mess of afterwards. ;-) Sorry for the details but I thought it maybe helps some of you!

Anyway, the Treat My Feet Electronic Foot Rasp & Callus Shaver is powerful enough to exfoliate your hard, dry heels but gentle enough to give you the smooth feet you want. It is the perfect pedi tool for feet to clear dead skin, cracked heels, rough heels, and calluses. Convenient at home pedicure without a costly trip to the spa.

Simply flip the switch and begin buffing! In seconds your feet will feel like they had an expensive pedicure at home! Unlike pedicure eggs that leave your hands sore from scrubbing, the Electric Callus Remover & Foot File fits comfortably in your palm, allowing you to exfoliate every spot on your feet effortlessly. Throw away those sharp shavers and harsh pumice stones!

Use the included brush to remove micro pedi skin particles from the unit, then easily detach the pedicure callus remover head and rinse under running water for a quick clean. Professional replacement roller refills are available.

After a full charge, you won't need any clumsy cords! Simply pack your callous shaver in your bag and let the safety lock switch take care of the rest! Enjoy smoother feet while at home or on the go.

This set includes: Callous Remover, Charger, Roller Cover, 2 Extra Coarse Roller Heads, Cleaning Brush, and Instruction Manual.

Save yourself some money (and germs) and get yourself the Treat My Feet Electronic Foot Rasp & Callus Shaver!

Thank you Treat my feet for sponsoring this post.  Read my full disclosure.