The best concealer for mature skin!

I really need to share with you my holy grail under eye concealer! I tried so many concealers but none of them were ever as good as this one: the Advanced Mineral Perfecting concealer. Probably a much unknown brand and I stumbled only by accident on this myself. I use this concealer already since 2 years and it really is the best concealer I tried, especially if you have mature skin- meaning: crepey eyes, fine or deeper lines.

I do not like this concealer on any other parts of my face but under my eyes because it has a very dewy finish. I have no problems with a dewy finish under my eyes as it looks fresh and hydrated. I do not set this concealer with powder as I find any kind of powder under my eyes only accentuates wrinkles even more.

Truly, this concealer is magic: it just doesn´t crease! Amazing! Literally ALL concealers that I have tried crease on me (into all those ugly lines and wrinkles!) after around 2 hours. This won´t! It stays put! AND: THE COVERAGE IS CRAZY! 

I have oily skin but around my eyes my skin is dry- I hope this concealer helps ladies with a similar skin type and that you will be amazed as much as I am!

Watch it also on YouTube!

Do you have a holy grail concealer that has a super high coverage and doesn´t crease? Which one? Would love to know!

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