I shaved my face!

Yes, I did it! I shaved my face!!! The first time I shaved my face! My experience wasn´t pleasant and I will tell you today why!

Well,  I saw first this video:

And then this video:

Then I saw in the magnifying mirror how hairy I am! I could not believe that my whole face is basically covered with hair! Both girls in the videos claim that their foundation goes on a lot smoother and that they like, how it looks- so I was curious and tried it out myself. 

They both used an eyebrow shaper but I used my regular razor (the brand of my razor is not cruelty free because I am still using up all my blades). The only reason I can see to use an eyebrow shaper is, that if you are not careful enough around your eyebrows, you could possibly shave them off with a regular razor as it is bigger. Other then that I would not understand why you would use such a sharp dangerous tool on your face! ;-)

I did not use shaving gel in case you wondered (the photo looked just funnier like that! ;-)

Here is my experience (and yes: I am gonna shave my face in this video!)

Right after shaving my face I thought that my skin felt uncomfortable. It felt like raw flesh is exposed. 2 days later I got deep breakouts.  My skin felt irritated and I felt I took away a "protection barrier". 

Did my foundation go on smoother? I did not really notice a big difference. 

Did my hair grow back longer or thicker- or even worse: did it get more? No, looks the same to me (I shaved a couple of weeks back).

Would I do it again? No. I did not really like it - except: I gotta admit that my lip swatches looked so much better without the peach fuss around my lips!!!

UPDATE: Even though my first disaster scared the hell out of me- I did it again after a couple of weeks. And I am glad to tell you my skin seemed to get adjusted to it. Today I regularly shave with this tool without irritations. What a relief! Pooh! 

Have you ever shaved your face? 

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