Astroglide against wrinkles?!?

One of my YouTube subscribers recently recommended to me to use Astroglide (yes, it is what you think it is!) as a makeup primer. She said that it smoothes out her wrinkles around her eyes and forehead and that she loves it. That of course made me super curious!

So I got myself a free sample (get yours here!) and tried it out! If you have never felt Astroglide before, you will love the silky smooth texture! It glides on like a dream and you will not need much! I found that my forehead wrinkles weren´t erased, but looked a lot smoother. 

You might wonder if this stuff will ever dry- but in fact after around 5 minutes it really did! Applying my foundation (I used the It Cosmetics CC cream) felt like a dream. It really did work as a makeup primer!

Now the real test was, will this hold up throughout the day? You can see the progress in my YouTube video as I check in a couple of times during the day!

I can imagine this works great on dry skin. On oily skin this stuff might be too slick- especially in a hot humid climate! ;-)

Now go and try it out for yourself and let me know, how things are going for you!

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