Urban Decay Grindhouse Dupes!

Pssst... should I tell you a secret? You probably know, that the Urban Decay Grindhouse sharpener is one of the best cosmetic sharpeners out there? 

The secret, why it is so good, reveals itself from the inside!

The secret is simply the blade inside! The blade "Made in Germany". Eisen is a German company specialised in the manufacturing of pencil sharpeners, in particular for the cosmetics industry. The factory in Baiersdorf (Germany) produces 200 million units annually!

Here are some random examples of brands that use the exact same blade as Urban Decay Grindhouse, but there are many more! These are literally not dupes- they are really all using the EXACT SAME BLADE! So you could spend instead of $10 (Urban Decay) just $1.99 (Essence). Just check the blade and see if the imprint says: "Made in Germany". It´s that simple. ;-)

Nars $6
Nyx $4.49

So now you know it! If it ain´t a German blade, it ain´t a good sharpener! ;-)

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