Most Designer perfumes are sold in China and therefore not cruelty free (China requires animal testing by law). But hey! No worries, there is still some beautiful options out there!

  1. Lavanila! Lavanila offers beautiful fragrances using only natural ingredients. While the base note is always Vanilla, the different options smell truly all unique. My all time favorite is: Vanilla-Coconut! Smells super sexy and not too sweet.
  2. Kai perfume! It is made out of the most exclusive essential oils: a blend of gardenia mingled with white exotics:smells gorgeous! This one is expensive BUT it is very long lasting as well!
  3. Clean perfumes! Those that don´t like heavy or overly sweet perfumes will love Clean. Just like the name suggests these smell from super light and clean to refreshing and clean.
  4. The Body Shop! I also really love the perfume oils by The Body Shop. While most are more on the sweeter side, there is also room for those that like it more musky (try the White Musk)
  5. Define Me has the most beautiful and luxurious smelling fragrances that are also good to your skin (with coconut oil)!
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