Miami Beach & Key West trip

We are just back from a little trip to Miami Beach and Key West and I thought 
I´d share a couple photos with you. We had friends coming over from Germany and they invited us to stay in their fancy hotel (Grand Beach Hotel Surfside) ! ;-)

Miami Beach is such a crazy town! Skyscrapers, wild beaches, expensive hotels, rich ladies and luxurious cars sums it up. We stayed at the Grand Beach Hotel in Miami Beach. I love watching all that but I am happy to be back in my (compared to Miami Beach) quiet Sarasota. 

This pic is on our way to Key West. WOW! Right?

The last time I was on Key West was in 2004 and it changed dramatically since then. I remember basically that the whole way wasn´t as industrialized as it is now. It was more a natural habitat and today it looks almost everywhere like in the rest of the U.S. (everywhere plazas with Walgreens, McDonalds, K-mart and such. They did not even build pretty- just the regular ugly concrete buildings). But the gorgeous turquoise water would remind you that you are on Key West- and the giant iguanas that lay everywhere around.

Happy NEW YEAR!!!