Kneipp Herbal Bath Review

A good friend from Germany brought me recently these awesome Kneipp Herbal bath products and I wanted to tell you about them.

I am having a hard time finding a brand in the U.S. that sells similar natural herb products (Dr. Teals uses chemical produced fragrances and I don´t like their scents at all). Overall I do believe that taking a bath is a more European thing? Do you like to take a bath? Because there is not really much bath products out there?

Here is the first one I tried: Kneipp Schönheitsgeheimnis = "Beauty Secret" is a delicous dream with Argan, Marula and Olive oil. Made my skin so super soft and I did not need any extra lotion after my bath. Love the scent that smells very spa like. It does not foam though, since it is just an bath-oil. I usually prefer my bath to be foamy as well.

Kneipp Beauty Secret

Kneipp Mandelblüten Hautzart= "Almond blossom" is another bath-oil with rich smelling Almond blooms. So relaxing and divine. And yes, again: you won´t need a lotion afterwards as this bath-oil will hydrate your skin and make it soft like a baby butt. Perfect during the winter!

Kneipp Almond blossom

Kneipp Tiefen-Entspannung = "Deep Relax" is my favorite of the 3. With patchouli and sandelwood this one has a very rich unusal but super relaxing scent. It also tints your water deep ocean blue! My son could not believe his eyes, how dark blue my tub got! ;-) This one also foams up a bit. Truly the most relaxing bath ever. Sad that I used it all up already...

Kneipp Deep Relaxing

Do you like to take a bath and if so, what is your favorite bath product?

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