How to fix dry/cracked lips!

Got dry or cracked lips from the cold winter air? Here is what to do:

  • First Step: Exfoliate your lips to get rid of the dead skin cells! I like to use only a towel that I make wet and rub it in small circular motions on my lips. You could also do a lip scrub yourself (just mix brown sugar and olive oil) or if you are too lazy to create your own scrub, I really like the S.W. Basics Scrub (it is a body scrub but will work on your lips too).
  • Second Step: After that do a lip mask (just mix jojoba oil or coconut oil with honey) or get the Bite Beauty Agave Lip mask (sadly this seems to have a new formula and people do not love it). Leave on at least for 10 minutes. 
  • Third Step: Apply a good moisturizing lip balm. Carry at all times one in your purse for re-application. The best hydrating lip balm is in my opinion Epic Blend or Ocean potion has a vanilla orange one that is great too and even contains SPF 45 which will also help protect your lips!
More tips:

  • Don´t lick your lips! If your lips get wet, they dry out even more!
  • Don't use long wearing lipsticks as they usually dry out your lips even more!
  • Don´t use Chapstick because it contains too many waxes instead of oils and will also dry out you lips even more. 

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