BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette Review

When the Carli Bybel palette launched last year for the first time I wasn´t fast enough to get my hands on it as it was sold out quicker then I could finish my breakfast! ;-) But then something really cool happened: I won this palette in a Giveaway of my beautiful friend Shaunna (check out her YouTub channel! I adore her). I am so happy I won! 

No worries: the palette is again available, and this time everybody should be able to snag one.

So the palette is made by BH cosmetics and contains 10 eye shadows and 4 highlighters. Paper packaging- not too crazy about that. But what I really adore, are the colors. Super sultry shimmery for creating bronze goddesses! But Carli did not forget to include some great matte colors (like a wonderful taupe, purple and anthracite) for the crease. The highlighters are highly pigmented and apply gorgeous.

swatches of the eye shadows

swatches of the highlighters

Yes, some colors have a bit of fallout and are powdery- but you know what? For a stunning $12.50 this is almost not worth to mention. I adore the Carli Bybel palette very much and the colors work all together like a dream. Not possible to mess up here!

Check out Carli`s  tutorial for this palette. Stunning look!!!

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