Apple iPad $40 Promo Code, Coupons, Coupon Codes 2016

Yesterday my son turned 11 years and on his wish list was a new iPad. So on Wednesday my husband and me went shopping to fulfill his wish. I was determined to get a good deal lol. Don´t they always show on tv that you have to ask to get a rebate? I thought, since this is a high priced item, I might try my luck (even though my husband thought this was embarrassing).

In the Apple store: 

At first we ran to the Apple store. The guy at the Apple store was really nice and knew his stuff. But all he could offer was: either a $20 rebate for having a student ID or if we find the iPad somewhere else cheaper, they match it by 10 %.

At Best Buy:

After that we tried our luck at Best Buy. I asked firmly for a discount ("Can you do anything better then $20 and I buy it right now cash and you got your commision!" LOL. Only he answered that he does not get commission and he can´t do anything about the price either.

We decided to go back to the Apple store and get at least our $20 discount. But it was full with customers waiting by then! We waited 20 minutes and then decided to go and have lunch.

While sitting at Panera Bread it hit me!

Target: I get 5% on EVERYTHING at Target with my redcard!!!! BAM!!! Why did I not think of that earlier?

This saved us $40!!! (The ipad Pro cost $799 minus 5%!). Genius and just what we needed! You also get the 5% off if you buy the Apple Care plan or a warranty plan (which is still covered by Apple)! Same plan but cheaper! 

I thought I share this little tip! The redcard cost nothing. Mine is simply a debit card that is connected with my bank account. YES!

Here are a couple of examples, how much you can save with the Target redcard! Isn´t this genius?!?

Sign up for the redcard! 

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