Essential Oil Diffuser by Smiley Daisy Review

It is very sad, but all those products that you can buy to make your room smell good (like Glade, Air Wick, Febreze and similar) are in fact tested on animals (in horrific fatal tests!). Not only should you not buy those because you are probably loving animals just like me- but also because they contain harmful toxins (that is the reason why they get tested!). The word "fragrance" sounds so harmless but it actually means: "chemical produced scent". And you certainly don´t want to surround you and your loved ones with toxins, right? 

I made the switch to essential oils a long time ago. Lavender and orange essential oil are some of my personal faves- but the selection is huge- I am sure you will find an essential oil that will make your nose happy. Until a week ago I was simply using a tiny little burner with a tea light but that changed now! 

The Essentail Oil Diffuser by Smiley Daisy is simply amazeballs!!!! It looks super elegant and fit´s right into my decor. It looks like wood but is actually plastic. It even includes litte LED lights that change colors! Feel free to turn them on, or use it without lights. 

You simply fill in the tank with 300 ml (a measuring cup is included) water and a couple drops of your favorite essential oil (3 drops per 100 ml are suggested). The amazing thing is: the steaming (it comes out of the tiny hole in the middle) starts immediately! No need to wait! Immediate steam with my favorite scent. It is not very loud- just a subtle little sound. I also love the fact that it shuts off automatically after 2 hours. After 4-5 days you should wipe down the residue inside the tank and the fun can start all over.

I love it so much that I want to have one for my bedroom now as well.

I am very happy with my Essential Oil Diffuser by Smiley Daisy.

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Disclaimer: I received the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Read my full disclosure.