Today it is time for the BEST SKIN CARE PRODUCTS OF 2015 (see also my BEST BODY CARE PRODUCTS OF 2015)! Of course all my Beauty Award winners are cruelty free brands. 

Have you tried my new App "GO CRUELTY FREE" yet? It will help you find cruelty free brand while shopping. Try it out: it is free! ;-)

Now off to my winners!

BEST FACE CLEANSER: Paula´s choice RESIST Perfectly Balanced Foaming Cleanser. Super mild yet strong enough to get rid of any dirt or makeup. No problem to use on my sensitive eyes as well. Great stuff!

BEST FACIAL SCRUB: Derma e Exfoliating Scrub. Smells fresh and fruity and scrubs away all those dead skin cells that make your face looking dull.

BEST FACE TONER: Reviva Labs Rosewater Facial Spray. Smells like fresh cut roses and balances gently your face with natural ingredients.

BEST FACIAL WIPES: Yes to Cucumbers Wipes smell fresh and gets rid of even the most stubborn waterproof mascara. 

BEST ANTI AGING SERUM (& NIGHT MOISTURIZER) : Paula´s choice RESIST Intense Wrinkle-Repair Retinol Serum. A Retinol serum (or cream) can be hard to evenly apply- not with this one. It applies dreamy simple like an oil- yet feels lightweight like a gel. Perfection and a must if you want to fight those wrinkles!

BEST DAY MOISTURIZER: Paula´s choice RESIST youth-extending Daily Mattifying Fluid SPF 50. Very thin lightweight lotion that applies super easy and leaves the face looking matte. SPF of 50 is perfect in your anti aging skin care routine. Love it.

BEST CHEMICAL EXFOLIATOR: Derma e Overnight Peel with AHA. Apply this every night and your skin will get better and better the more you use it. This is gentle enough for sensitive skin but can be used with any skin type. It will help your skin to speed up the skin cell turnover and reveal better skin the longer you use it.

BEST EYE CREAM: Ecco Bella Eye Nutrients Cream. I usually do not have sensitive skin- yet around my eyes I am very sensitive. This cream gives me absolutely no irritation. I love the natural ingredients and that my eyes stay hydrated all day but do not look shiny. A light fresh scent- perfect!

BEST VITAMIN C SERUM: Belitae Organics delivers outstanding quality. Vitamin C is the best antioxidant you can apply to get rid of brown spots on your skin. Not a day passes by where I have not used this. The Belitae Vitamin C serum is much more affordable then many of its competitors and it does not oxidize as quick as other´s do. Very happy with it!

BEST FACE MASK: Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea mask is the best mask if you have oily skin or tend to break outs. This mask will clarify and balance your skin and I love the fresh clean scent of it too.

BEST WATERPROOF FACIAL SUNSCREEN: Ocean Potion Face Clear Zinc Oxide SPF 45. Your face will stay matte all day and protected- and that all for under $5? GREAT!


BRUSH ON BLOCK:  Brush on Block is a Powder sunscreen with SPF 30- so easy to apply even on top of makeup or on the go! I used this a lot this year!

FACE PAD SCRUBBER: This little plastic scrubber is my second year in a row winner. You need this! So cheap but will help your skin to get so much cleaner! I absolutely love it.

FROWNIES: I can not even believe it myself but I am sleeping now since 2 years EVERY SINGLE NIGHT with my Frownies (one between my eyes against that frown wrinkle) and it really works!

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