Update on my MdDS symptoms

Yes, I can laugh again! So many of you have been asking, how I am doing and here is my little update on my MdDS (Mal de Debarquement) syndrome I got after my cruise.

I'm happy to say that my symptoms recently got better and better. The symptoms lasted for me now for about 3 month. I am able to go to the grocery store and function overall. I still feel it in the shower and weirdly always when I clean out the dishwasher or stand in front of the fridge. 

Tips in case you suffer from MdDS:

I do think that the hard thing about mdds is that you can't function properly and just want to hide and stay all day in bed. But if you do this I think no healing can be done. I always had this weird feeling of a resistance in my body when I walked. As if somebody is pushing me and I have to walk against it. It was so hard to walk against it! This is almost like a metaphor for what I think we have to do if we suffer from MdDS: no matter how hard it is: we have to keep going. I was everyday jumping outside in my backyard and telling loud to myself: I'm not in a boat! I'm not in a boat! I know: sounds like I'm crazy but I didn't care. I kept going with my life even though I had to sleep A LOT. 

I personally do not believe in medication. Doctors are so fast with giving out strong drugs like steroids or valium but I think that you might intervene then with the natural "healing process  of your body- so I was resistant taking any medications (except some Aleve for the headache).

I noticed that one position seemed to help me when the symptoms got worse: lying on the floor but with the legs on a chair rested (in a L shape). Maybe this helps somebody too but I know it's a bit different for everybody. 

Please stay strong and keep fighting this! Don't stay in bed! Get out in the world and pretend this is not getting you! You have to trick this MdDS! Giving in to your symptoms will make you weaker and weaker! So stay strong!!! I do believe that it is highly important to keep living our life and not think all the time about this.

I am 99 % recovered and so happy about it. Nobody will ever get me on a cruise ship again! For sure!!! ;-)