Paula´s choice sold for $70 Million

Paula Begoun

I stumbled a couple of weeks ago by accident on this bizjournals article and have to say I was quite surprised, that Paula Begoun actually sold her company "Paula´s choice" for $70 million to private equity firm Bertram Capital in 2012

I do love the skin care Paula´s choice (read my review) offers but find it kinda strange why they "almost" keep it a secret that she is actually neither the owner, nor the CEO (that is David Lonczak), though she remains a minority owner and the face of the company. You won´t find any information about that on Paula´s choice website. In fact: Paula Begoun remains the face of the brand all over the page

Paula´s choice skin care products

I think they kept her face for the brand because it makes us feel like we can trust the brand. It is very common among us bloggers to refer in our reviews to "her skin care line"- even though we should refer rather to the brand "Paula´s choice" because she apparently has not much saying anymore.

I also had no clue that Paula´s choice is in fact a multi million dollar company (making around $100 million/year). 

I will still buy products from Paula´s choice as I think the prices are right and they really do work. I just somehow have a different "perception" of the brand that does not connect with her face as much. You know what I mean?

Did you know about this? What do you think?