Appsbar Review

To create my brand new GO CRUELTY FREE APP I tried at first 2 free app creators (BTW both did not work out and I ended up needing a real developer) and I wanted to share my experience with you. The first one I tried was the Zoho Creator and I have to admit that this was wayyyy to complicated for simple tiny me. They had great customer service and tried to help me but the platform was too overwhelming for me. 

After that I tried Appsbar. Now I have to say: this is a site were anybody could build easily a quick and simple App. No special coding needed! I don´t think you could do anything complicated, no games and such. But for a real basic App this works fabulous. I was so happy AT FIRST. 

I worked 2 weeks to integrate everything I wanted for my App and then came the problem: the created App with Appsbar will work (you can download it only with a special link but it is not Apple approved)- however you will never EVER be able to upload it into the Apple store. And that is exactly what I needed! I did not want to tell people to go ahead and download an App that is not approved by Apple and by-passing Apple´s security questions!

Here is where I got stuck: I needed a "binary file" to upload the App. I was "generating application binary" - but nothing happened for many many weeks. So I contacted Appsbar for help and I simply have never received an answer to my COUNTLESS  emails and tweets.

THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM APPSBAR WHATSOEVER! UNTIL THIS DAY (which is now a couple month) I have not heard back from Appsbar. 

If you only want an App for fun and private use and don´t need to have it in the official App store, you will be fine using Appsbar. 

I know now that it is really hard to get your App approved by Apple and because a free software like Appsbar delivers usually unusable (or crappy) Apps, Apple is not really favoring these Apps. 

Anyhow: Appsbar deserves 0 Schmusies from me for the worst customer service possible. You get what you pay for: NOTHING. No customer service whatsoever. Save yourself the hassle! ;-)