I don´t really understand what sex has to do with makeup, but I noticed that sex plays a huge role in makeup names lately. I guess it is to get attention. A marketing gimmick if you will. Not only names are getting odd but also the packaging. The new Nars collection by Steven Klein is really crazy and some of the packaging designs are almost scary! 

So here is my list of the 10 most sexy (or ridiculous?) makeup names (in no particular order because YOU will vote the winner below)!

1. Nars palette: Tearjerker
2. Nars blush in: Orgasm
3. Desigual perfume: Sex
5. Kat von D Studded lipstick in: Underage
7. Nars palette: Full Service
8. Nars palette: Despair (I listed this more for the packaging!!!)
9. Nyx matte lipstick in Whipped Caviar (did I just write that?)
Nars Despair

Nars Full Service
Nars Tearjerker
I actually think the packaging of the new collection by Steven Klein goes a little too far. I guess he got inspired by "50 shades of grey". The packaging of the Nars Tearjerker is scary!

I don´t really care for packaging like that and also not for the names. But: if the product performs well, I still buy it (the Too Faced Better than sex is truly one of the best mascaras out there but I hate to say the name if friends ask me, which mascara I can recommend!).

Time to vote!

Which is the most ridiculous makeup name?

Super Orgasm
Better than sex
Sexy Mother Pucker
Full Service
Whipped Caviar
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Do you think the names are funny or do they go too far?

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