How to draw a pumpkin on nails?!?

I was eager to create a pumpkin on my nails! I could not find any tutorial for this online and now I know, why! This is harder then imagined! 

I practiced with lots and lots of toothpicks and nail polish on paper- but they all turned out really ugly lol.

I was happy when finally one turned out half way acceptable and it was this one:

But to get this pumpkin on my nail was even harder! Well, my husband thinks it looks like a tomato! ;-)

I decided to give my "pumpkin tomato" a face (with a Sharpie!)

For my "pumpkin-tomato" I used the butter London nail polish in Statement piece,  for the stem I used the Wet n Wild nail polish in Sagreena the Teenage Witch and as a base on all nails Sonia Kashuk nail polish in Dyno-Mite.

If you try to create a pumpkin on your nail, I would love to see! Tag me on Instagram! ;-)

Oh- here is another famous fail of mine. What I intended to paint was 3 bell peppers but one seriously turned out to be a pumpkin- I bet you can clearly see which one! LOL!!! (See more of my paintings here).

Happy pumpkin drawing! ;-)

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