Face Gymnastic against wrinkles?

Have you ever heard of "Face Gymnastic"? No? Why, what is this good for? Well, the theory is that -just like in your body -you have muscles in your face and if you don't train them they will sag and make you look old. 

You can see this also on YouTube:

I did a little historic research about face gymnastic and the oldest book I could find (still available on Amazon!!!) is from 1900 and is called: "Exercising in bed" by Sanford Bennett".

Bennett at the age of 50 had become an old man in poor health, suffering from a number of chronic complaints and many wrinkles. Despairing of relief from doctors and drugs he finally devised a series of some 35 different exercises to be done in bed before arising in the morning. 

After following them faithfully for years he had become, in all respects, a young man at 70. This was attested by medical examinations. His face had become smooth without a single wrinkle. His theory was that the body gets old through the accumulation of mineral deposits in the tissues, which finally become stiff and inelastic.  

Many articles in magazines followed after his book.

Senta Maria RungĂ©, author of 1961's "Face Lifting by Exercise", claimed to be the true originator—the pioneer of "the only method in the world by which one can lift the face naturally and restore a youthful contour." This book is also still available on Amazon. She is still alive but today her daughter takes care of the business.

Carole Maggio founded her business Facercise in 1981. "I was newly married to a man 16 years my senior," she says, explaining the origins of her career. "After six months of marriage, he sweetly whispered into my ear, 'You're prematurely aging.' "

Patricia Goroway, a former model, created the Facial Fitness System in 1999. When I read the Amazon reviews the nation is split: some swear by it, some say it does not help.

Here is a YouTube video where you can try her Facial Fitness program for free! ;-)

Greer Childers created on and off many books and videos and her main goal was bascially that you could loose weight through breathing techniques.   "Be a Loser" was one of them that also included breathing techniques to get a "face lift".

In November 2003, the FTC announced they were suing Ms Childers and group for false marketing claims. The above case apparently settled out of court the following year, with Greer and her company, being ordered to contact all Bodyflex buyers and offer a refund. 


Fumiko Takatsu is the creator of Face Yoga Method. She is probably one of the most modern Face Gymnastic approachers in my opinion. She also has a YouTube channel and I find her voice and practices very calming and relaxing. 

One of her books is called: "Take Five Years off your Face". 


Fumiko is very inventive and uses even spoons to massage those "11s" away! ;-)


My verdict:
Now do I believe in this? Well I think it can't hurt! I think what is very important is to be aware of your facial muscles. For example I try not to frown anymore, since I discovered that frown line in between my eyes and I really do believe it helps. 

I think the "face yoga method" seems to be the most modern and approachable version. 

I certainly think that a bunch of these ladies are also simply smart business women. I'm questioning results because apparently some if these ladies have done more then just that: Botox to say the least?

Greer Childers- impossible to find a photo of her that is not blurry! This photo is also at least 10 years old and I suspect highly other "treatments" then just Face Gymnastic! (She should be around 70 years old today)

Patricia Goroway: The only current photo I could find of her from 2014. She looks stunning for 50 years old but is this really from Face Gymnastic only? (And what is going on with those brows???)

Have you heard of any of these ladies or do you do facial gymnastic? Did it help you? I like to hear about it!

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