I tried so many skin care devices or gadgets, as well as hair tools and other random tools and devices,  that I like to do today a little sum up of them! Tool or fool?

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Let´s start with the skin care tools/ gadgets:

  • I think the Konjac sponge is a big fool. It does not really do anything! 
  • I love the Facepad and use it every day! 
  • The biggest fool IMO: the Makeup Eraser! Get some Minky Fabric for $5 a yard at the craft store instead if you think you like this. $20 is rip off! 
  • The Soniclear is basically the exact dupe for the Clarisonic, but for a much better price. This gadget works great if you are not acne prone or don´t have sensitive skin! 
  • The Foreo Luna on the other hand is perfect for those with sensitive skin or who are acne prone (or even for active acne) 
  • The Tria Age Defying Laser is truly a tool to get rid of crows feet. It will give you a light sunburn and reveal fresh skin underneath BUT it really hurts (like a snapping rubber band). Other then the crows feet I did not see any improvement though.
  • I don´t like the Dermaroller. I find the risk getting an infection not worth doing this procedure. I did not see an improvement after using this for 3 month. 
  • I think the PMD Personal Microderm is a fabulous tool. Just be careful on how to use it and don´t overdo it- once a month is great. 

Off to the hair tools /gadgets: 

  • I recommend the Kiss instawave tool only for pros as this tool can rip out some hair if not used careful! 
  • If you have really fine hair the Voloom might be a tool for you! I would not use it daily though cause you might damage your hair in the long run! 
  • I love the T3 twirl 360! Best quality hair tool with ceramic. I can create super quick and simple many different looks. 

And some random tools/ gadgets:

  • The Emjoi is great for those rough feet! 
  • But I also love my Ped egg (if my feet are even rougher ;-)
  • A big no to the Foreo Issa . My teeth did not feel clean with it! 

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