How to remove a mole yourself!

Oh geez... I gotta admit: I was a bit scared to put this up! I found a super quick and cheap way to remove moles yourself!

But I decided to be brave today cause maybe this will help some of you?

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OK, first things first! 

A little disclaimer: 

  • If you try this, you do this at your own risk. I am not a doctor or esthetician! I am not responsible for anything that happens. 

  • If you are unsure about this method, talk to your doctor! 

  • Please do not attempt this method if you have a mole that changed in any way! Do not use this method if your mole goes into your skin (ask your doctor if you are unsure about this!). This method works only for moles that are above the skin: so called "skin tags" without roots that go deep inside.

  • Do not attempt this method if your mole is bigger then 5 mm!

  • Please do not use this method on your face!

Alright, I hope you really got this?

Now to the interesting part:

How to remove a mole yourself!

All you need is some sewing yarn! You simply make a knot around that mole. What you 
don´t want to do is cut it off the knot!!! You will make it as tight as you can but without cutting your mole off! We do not want to cut it off. We will wait at least 24 hours before we do that. You just leave the sewing yarn with its knot around your mole! 

The next day you will notice that the mole died: it is completely black and got at least half the size- probably even smaller. You can then really make the knot so tight that it will cut off the mole from your skin.

Ta-Da! Simple as that. If it does not cut off easily, you might have to wait a couple more hours. It won´t bleed either! All the liquid and blood got already back into your body! I don´t even get a scar! I did this 3 times on myself and I don´t have had any scars- nothing!

Now, tell me: do you think I´m crazy? ;-)

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