I was Friday night on a birthday party: my friend Sonja turned 40- at least she pretended to  (turn 40) because I can´t believe it! She looks stunning! I think they got something wrong in her birth certificate! ;-)

It was a white birthday party- white attire only! I thought this idea was genius! (You might have seen a photo of me and my hubby on Instagram?)

First thing we saw when we arrived was this view:

All her giant trees lit up. This must´ve been quite some work as it is still in the high 80s down here in Florida! Just like in a real club the entrance was covered in drapes. There was a dance floor- with DJ and black light and the pool was covered with white balloons!

A good friend of Sonja had a special surprise: she got her 4 sky lanterns (1 for each decade) and those were released into the sky. Wow, this looked stunning!

Sonja got also a real photo booth- that thing was so fun- I did it 3 times! ;-)

Sonja also had one of those ice sculptures to drink from (an ice luge)- I have never seen this before, so I had to try! ;-) All I tasted was cinnamon- apparently that was "Fireball".

Sonja with her brother

Cutest smile ever!

Her brother reminded me so much on Kevin Spacey (although I needed one hour to google the name lol)!

Sonja, I am so happy that we are friends and I wish you at least 40 more blessed years in your life! This party was truly the BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER!