10 Makeup Mistakes that make you look older!

When you are under 30 any makeup look can look great. Blue lips, winged eyeliner or 80s (blue) eyeshadow...lol. But when you are older, you should avoid the following makeup mistakes -at least if you don´t want to look older! :-)

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1. Don't apply your foundation before you did your eye makeup! Most of us tend to frown those forehead wrinkles when doing the eye makeup, especially while putting that mascara on, but then all the foundation will crease into your forehead lines and accentuate all those lines for the rest of the day! Honestly this tip does not sound like much- but it makes the BIGGEST difference ever! Try it out!

Wrong: Applying the foundation before your eye makeup!

Instead: Apply first your eye makeup to avoid frowning the forehead! 

2. Don't use black eyeliner all around your eyes! I see this a lot! It was a "thing" in the 90s- but ladies: not anymore! It's harsh,  It's dated and it makes your eyes appear smaller which makes you look older!

Wrong: Applying black eyeliner all around the eyes

Instead: use eyeshadow on the lower lash line for a softer approach. Apply with a small smudging brush. (I like the Airbrush Precision Smudger brush by It Cosmetics).

3. Don't use bright colors (like blue) on your whole lid. It draws attention to the eyes and wrinkles and also looks dated. I really see ladies doing that! I think this used to be a look in the 60s and those ladies just never changed their look! In all those years!

Wrong: bright colors all over the lid

Instead: use bright colors only on the "outer V" or on your lower lash line. Use matte, neutral colors within the crease or slightly above.  

4. Don't use shimmerz eyeshadow on your crease- especially hooded eyes- this accentuates all lines, pores and wrinkles and makes them appear worse. 

Wrong: shimmery eyeshadow on the crease

Instead: Keep shimmer on lid or brow bone. Don't forget to brighten up that inner corner as it makes you look more youthful and awake.

5. Don't accentuate thin eyebrows. Thin eyebrows are dated and make your face look harsh. Don´t draw just a line on! Try filling them in natural looking. Pamela Anderson is out, Frida Kahlo is in (just kidding!). Fuller eyebrows look truly more youthful. 

Wrong: over plucking eyebrows

Instead: Try to let them grow in  (I over plucked myself my eyebrows for more then 15 years but was able to let them grow in again-read here how I did it) or if really nothing grows anymore-draw them on - don´t overdo it and keep the look natural. Use a thin eyebrow pencil like the L'Oréal Brow Stylist Definer.

6. Don't use too dark lipstick. It makes lips look thin and harsh which looks aging.

Wrong: too dark lipstick

7. Don't use a super Matte lipstick! It makes your lips look dried out and it can make lip lines more visible- aging! 

Wrong: too matte lipstick

8. Don´t pick the wrong shade of Nude lipstick as this can make you look washed out. It is not easy to find the right shade of a nude lipstick. If you love the look of nude lips, try to go either in the brown or pinkish direction and see what suits you better. A glossy finish might look better and create fuller lips.

Wrong: washed out nude color

Instead: choose a radiant shiny color like pink,  coral or berries. It will make your lips look healthy and youthful.

9. Don´t contour too much as can look aging and harsh. If you are a thin person (yay you!) I would not recommend to contour at all- except if you are trying to achieve a smaller nose. Read here how to contour naturally.

Wrong: too strong contouring

Instead: Keep it natural and soft which looks more youthful. 

10. Don't use powders around the eye area. It accentuates winkles and fine lines and dries the skin even more out. 

Wrong: using powders under your eyes

Instead use dewy concealers or highlighters like the Becca under eye brightening corrector or the Eddie Funkhouser Illuminator and for even better coverage the It Cosmetics Bye Bye undereye.

How about you? Got any tips to add?

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