Our Carnival Cruise to Cozumel!

I´m back from my Carnival Cruise to Cozumel! This was my first cruise ever and I admit: I was a bit afraid that I am gonna get sea sick. Even though we had on our way to Cozumel many really crazy storms - I barely felt that I was on a ship. However: since I am not on the ship anymore my body feels like I am still on it! It is a bit uncomfortable. Apparently my brain did not realize that I am on land now! ;-)

So, if you have never been on a cruise: the main thing is food (& drinks)! He he! Oh my did I eat a lot! I decided to skip my low carb diet for 4 days! I could not believe how outstanding the food also was. Thank God I only gained 2 pounds lol.

In the night we watched comedy shows, dance shows- some were great- some not! ;-) We played Bingo, and I even got my husband to dance with me (can´t even remember the last time he did that!). We watched the sundown while sitting in a jacuzzi on top of the boat! That was awesome!

I did not really care for Cozumel- it seemed only to consist of restaurants and souvenir shops but I guess for all the people who came from the north it felt exotic- if you already live in Florida you are not really going on a snorkel tour or sunbathing at the beach- we can do that at home too! ;-)

One of the comedians called the Carnival Paradise a "Walmart cruise" but I have to say I really enjoyed the cruise and am curious now for even better, newer or bigger ships. Our rooms had a bit of a 90s vibe to it- but the ship itself, the lobbies, restaurants and all other public areas seemed updated and looked very taken care off.  The staff was outstanding and I loved the room service for my morning coffee! 

Bar on Cozumel

Panties in a bar on Cozumel

Restaurant on Cozumel

Oh and I have to tell you about something very strange that I saw TWICE! Saturday night (August 15th around 11.30-12.30 pm and again the next night) I saw a strange moving star that seemed to move in a weird pattern- actually more: no pattern at all: up, down, right, up, left, up...- it was so weird- I thought I am getting crazy. I watched this for about one hour until I was too tired. I tried to film it but it was simply too far away to catch.

The only explanation I had was: it must have been a broken satellite. I did not want to wake my husband  up to show this to him but when I told him the next morning, he told me to wake him up when I see this again happening. Guess what: next night I saw it again!!! I woke my husband up and showed it to him. I asked him: do you see it? He said yes. He could not find an explanation for it and does not seem to want to talk to me about it. I think he is afraid- lol. Since yesterday I am trying to find out (google) what that was but I am unable to find anything. Please: if you know what that was, tell me! ;-)

So long ladies, have you ever been on a cruise?