How to make your hat stiff again (from straw to floppy hat)

I was so sad when my brand new straw hat went floppy after only one time swimming! So I tried to find a way to make it stiff again and I found something! It is so easy, you won´t believe it! 

Check out how I fixed 3 different hats on YouTube!

All you need is some starch spray! Just spray it all over your hat, paying special attention to the rim. Don´t forget to treat both sides and let the hat dry (laying flat on a towel). Once dry, check the results. If not stiff enough: simply spray again all over. Let dry again. Repeat as many times as needed!

Now if you have a floppy hat that is made out of fabric: you can also use starch spray and then use simply your iron! Just like you would do with a blouse! Works fantastic!

I had a really old straw hat that I wore to death. No shape whatsoever left! This one here:

This one I had to first reshape. This is pretty easy with straw actually! You only need to make it wet and then you can shape it however you like (you could even change the shape in a different way!). 

Let dry. Once dry you can spray it heavily with the starch- both sides! Let dry again. I even used my blow dryer to speed up the drying process (low setting- be careful: the hat can get very hot!). I repeated the layers of spray starch about 5 times and I am happy to say my old straw hat is alive again!

Now get your old hats and make them look as good as new again! ;-)

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