Urban Decay Naked Smoky Review & Makeup look

When I read on Phyrras blog a couple weeks back about the new Urban Decay NAKED SMOKY palette (she got it before it was released!) I knew I had to have it! Who does not love a smoky eye? But you know what? I was so lucky to win this beautiful palette in a Giveaway! I won it exactly on my birthday! How cool is that?

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I think the packaging looks really sexy- love the smoke on the cover! It contains 12 gorgeous colors, 9 of them are brand new and 3 are repeats of older Urban Decay Naked palettes.

I love that it contains 4 matte shades. I always appreciate to have a selection of matte colors as I prefer them in my crease (if you are 35 plus you know what I am talking about lol).

There is 2 shades that have glitter and they both have quite some fall out in my opinion: High (photo below on the left) and Armor. (4th of left, photo below). So you have to be careful with these colors.

Smolder (second from left, photo below) is an interesting color as it almost looks in some photos as if it were a purple color- but I do not find that it applies purple at all. Here is a little complaint: I find that most of the dark colors are very similar and thought they could´ve somehow included 2 or 3 shades that are more unique. 

I also find that a real dark black is missing as I find Black Market is also blue based and not completely black. I also wonder how these colors work for green or brown eyes and I think it would have made more sense to not go for blue based colors (On my blue eyes though these colors work fabulous). 

At first I was very happy about the brush because it has a nice fluffy crease brush but it turns out that this brush somehow always skips on me- so I did actually not really like it.

Is it smoking hot? Well, I find you can surely create a super hot smoky eye with this palette. It is not a palette where you can get real creative with lot´s of colors but therefore all colors work seamless together. 

There is also enough colors included for an appropriate day time look, bronze and brown colors. A great palette that works beautiful from day to night. If you already have lot´s of palettes then this palette might not really be very unique though.

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