Makeup Eraser DUPES!

Sometimes I feel like companies want to make a fool out of us. I do not believe that the makeup eraser is what you need in your life but I found dupes that are much cheaper and would work the same! The founders of the Makeup Eraser are very smart to not disclose what the material of their product is. The only thing you can find is that it is a blend of polyester. They claim that it is not microfiber but I highly HIGHLY doubt that! 

What is Microfiber? Microfiber is in fact a blend of polyester! It is not ONE SINGLE CERTAIN BLEND OF POLYESTER but includes many different blends! Honestly, even if the Makeup Eraser claims to not be a Microfiber, in the end it is. They just did not label it as such because then we would know! ;-)

I am asking you to not let them fool you! $20 for one microfiber towel? PLEASE!

But if you want some dupes, OK! I got some!

Makeup Eraser Dupes: blue: Turbie Twist, green & orange: Platinum Cleaning Cloth

One dupe I have already in my bathroom and I love it so much- just not as a makeup cloth but to dry my hair:

1. The Turbie Twist! 

Yes, the Turbie Twist comes in lots of different colors, only around $5 and yes: both sides are different- one more rough (exfoliating side) and one more soft. And it is even way bigger then the Makeup Eraser! ;-)

2. Microfiber household cloth

My next dupe is laying around in the garage: yes Microfiber towels to clean the car. My husband loves them. They are super affordable (about $1 each!) and come in lot´s of colors. Yes: both sides are also different.

3. Moja Works Makeup remover cloth:

I also found a dupe on Amazon from Moja Works. But here you get 3 for $20! Much better deal!

4. A Baby plush blanket:

I do believe that certain baby blankets are remarkable similar to the fabric of the Makeup Eraser- but you get so much more fabric for a lower price! (This one costs $9.59)

Or a boys blanket- watch my video and skip to 3.26 because my son has one as well! ;-)

5.  Minky Fabric by the yard

A very smart subscriber of my YouTube channel informed me, that she suspects that the Makeup Eraser is made out of a Minky Fabric that you could buy from the crafts store by the yard. I do believe she hit the nail on the head with this one! I even found one in hot pink! This one costs $4.88 by the yard! I think this is the Winner! ;-)

Well anyway: please don´t let them make a fool out of you. Personally I do not clean my face with any of these as I find the rubbing and tugging around my eyes too harsh. Also: Gee how many towels would I need to get rid every single night of my make up? Well, don´t count me in in that stupid Makeup Eraser thing!


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