How to do highlights at home with aluminum foil and hair clips!

I have done my own highlights countless times and tried different ways as well. Last week I decided to film this for you.  I just hate how much a salon charges for highlights! Last time in March I spend $120 (incl. the cut and blow out but I also had to add a tip!) and it was not even an expensive salon (Supercuts!).

I also thought it was pretty unfair that they charged me for "XL hair" but they actually cut my hair into "medium length" and only did highlight on my roots- so what does it matter that I had long hair when I came in? Unfair!

My highlights I did last week turned out perfect! Loving the results and especially how much money I saved. 

What you need is: 
clips (I used these but these are even better), 
aluminum foil, 
hair dye (I am using Shea Moisture light blonde- love that stuff and of course it is cruelty free! Read my full review)

Watch my video if you want to know how I did it.

Are you brave enough to do this? ;-)

P.S. Time is flying by! The 4th of July is also special to me for another reason: it was my Blogs 2nd birthday! Can you believe it? Thank you all so much for reading, enjoying and supporting my blog! Without YOU this would be no fun! ;-)

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