How to contour mature skin (using the Kat von D Shade & Light palette)

A couple month back I contoured for the first time of my life. I did not like the result very much. My face looked older because of all the harsh lines. I told myself to not even bother with this anymore but later on decided to give it another try. I figured out quickly that the palette I used back then (the City Color Contour Effects) was not the right one for me. 

The Kat von D Shade & Light works so much better for my skin tone! The colors are perfection! For highlighting I am using the Eddie Funkhouser Lux Light Illuminator Highlighter. That is a great natural looking highlighter! I also used the Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Candy Glow.

So, why contouring? Basically our face looks pretty "flat" after applying a foundation. We want to define it and give it back the natural shadows or even improve some facial features (you can make things appear bigger (with highlighting) or smaller (contouring with a darker shade).

And a little tip: you know those stupid little brushes (picture below) that come with Physicians Formula powders or Sonia Kashuk powders and others- little flat round brushes that are good for nothing? Those are actually perfect for contouring!!!

Please watch my YouTube video if you like to know how I contour now!

My contoured face:

Do you contour? On special occasions or every day?

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