Foreo Issa vs. Oral B

Today I will review the brand new Foreo Issa- yes! This is a toothbrush!!! You can also read my Foreo Luna review (the skincare device). 

Since I am using the Oral B toothbrush since 20 years (yes, I replaced it a couple times lol) I ultimately just have to compare these two. 

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Doesn´t the Foreo Issa look crazy?

The Foreo Issa is super hygienic. The silicone bristles dry super quick and that way you will prevent bacteria growth. You need to charge the Foreo Issa only every 6 month (if you brush your teeth twice a day- which I hope you do lol) ! Wowsers! That is really so cool!

Also: you need to replace the brush head of the Foreo Issa only once a year! Another WOW!

I also think that the Foreo Issa looks very stylish and chic!

My Oral B toothbrush I have to charge pretty much every day. It would probably last a couple of days fully charged- but not 6 month in any way.

Also: I need to replace my Oral B toothbrush heads every 2-3 month. Bacteria can grow and the bristles simply wear out. Now those replacement brush heads for my Oral B toothbrush are quite expensive! (usually 3 around $20-$23). (Beware of counterfeit brush heads on ebay! I fell for it once and they cut me in my gum!!!)

Still: at the end of the year the Foreo Issa did cost $199 vs. the Oral B $100 ($60 for the tootbrush plus $40 brush-heads).

The travel pouch of the Foreo Issa does not seem very hygienic to me. I can imagine that it gets quick stains all over. The travel case of the Oral B is sturdy and hygienic.

left: Oral B travel case, right: Foreo Issa travel pouch

I found also strange that the Foreo Issa came with only a USB charger- sure we have modern times- but to expect to have all customers either a computer or an adapter and to not include it seems weird to me- especially for $199!

left: Oral B charger, right: Foreo Issa USB charger

But now to the most important part: does the Foreo Issa clean good? Oh my! I have to say: you really have to get used to the feeling of this! While my Oral B toothbrush head is super tiny (which I love to get into all those tiny corners and gaps) the Foreo Issa seems just gigantic to me. There is no "back and forth" movement- just a vibrating of the whole thing. The Oral B really brushes in half circular motions.

I tried a couple of times to get used to the feeling of the Foreo Issa- but I still think it feels strange and I did not think that my teeth felt as nice and squeaky clean as with my Oral B toothbrush. I thought that the Foreo Issa brush head is too big for my mouth and to get into certain corners of my teeth.

My verdict: I still prefer my Oral B toothbrush. Even though I have to charge it every day and replace the brush head every 2 month, I just feel like my teeth are cleaner with it.

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