What´s in my MICHAEL KORS Hamilton bag & GIVEAWAY!!!

It´s been a long time that I shared what I carry around in my bag! I´m a very neat and organized person and you won´t find crap and receipts in my bag. Many years ago my wallet got stolen- full of photos and similar memorable things. All gone! Since then I learned my lesson and don´t have things like that in my bag.

I love my Michael Kors Hamilton bag so much! (My husband gave the bag to me on my last birthday).

I can´t live without my Michael Kors sunglasses! They are so gorgeous!

I don´t like big wallets but instead use the Dooney & Bourke coin case. This is all I need! I have only a couple credit cards inside and a $5 bill lol. I don´t like to carry cash around.

I have a little roller ball of Lavanila Coconut & Vanilla perfume with me. Vanilla and Coconut together smell so fresh and summery! The perfect mix! I love it so much.

I just found this new product that I can´t live without anymore: the BRUSH ON BLOCK! This is a powder sunscreen with SPF of 30 and makes reapplying of sunscreen during the day so simple and easy and mess-free- especially on the go! It is absolutely save and contains only Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide.

You can apply this on top of your makeup without messing anything up! I had a similar product before from Colorscience but it was so expensive lol. The BRUSH ON BLOCK costs only $30 and the refill only $16! Perfection! I love the BRUSH ON BLOCK so much that I want you to try it out yourself- so scroll down and enter my Giveaway!

The Nyx Matte lipstick in Street Cred is the most gorgeous flattering coral color and goes with anything! I love it!

I always need a lip balm and and the moment I am using the Epic Balm in Cherry. So yummy!

I also have of course my phone with me: the iphone 6 Gold. This is the first time that I did not buy a phone case because I love the rose golden color so much. I only got a tempered glass screen protector which I think is the best one out there! I have no scratches nothing on my phone!

My hands tend to get really dry but the Sundari Neem hand oil is a little magic roller ball for my hands. Other hand lotions help me only for a couple minutes and then I feel like my hands are dry again: this one is different: for a couple of seconds my hands feel sticky- but then: the wonder kicks in. It sinks in and makes my hands look like the ones of a 20 year old! ;-)


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