So you are looking for the best iphone 6 screen protector? Well, I found it!

I admit: I was a bit scared of all the rumors the iphone 6 could bend and that the screen breaks easy and such and so I wanted a little bit more "security".

I read ton´s of reviews, googled, researched and then I found the solution: what I needed was "a tempered glass screen protector". Why? Because of it´s high hardness it is super scratch resistant, fingerprint resistant, dust resistant, bubble free and just PERFECT!

After I knew that, I careful read all the reviews on Amazon. And then I knew which one to get: the JETech Premium Tempered Glass received outstanding reviews and so I ordered it right away.

Best of all: it looks super sleek, almost invisible. The feeling of the touch screen is just as perfect as the original iphone 6 screen.

The JETech tempered glass premium screen protector has something that other´s don´t: it has the extra cutout for the front camera! Very smart for sure!

You need to be aware that because of the round edges the screen protector will not cover the whole front of the phone! I don´t find this to be a problem.

I use the screen protector now since 5 weeks and it looks still like brand new- no scratches, nothing! I love it and you will too!

Personally I did not even add a case as I love the look of the new iphone 6 but if you are not a real careful person I recommend highly adding a phone case as well.

The most important part is that you install the screen protector absolutely perfect. It comes with super detailed instructions- make sure to give this some time and do it exactly as described and you will love the result.

You can get it on Amazon.

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