How to let your eyebrows grow back!

Yes, I am guilty of over plucking my eyebrows for many, many years! I am so happy that about 6 month ago I started to let them grow back again. I think it looks so much more youthful and fresh and I am very happy about my results. But: it was not easy!

You can watch my tips also on YouTube!

My natural thick eyebrows when I was 18

By the age of 24 I had almost no eyebrows at all anymore! ;-)

I thought I´d share a couple tips in case you like to grow your eyebrows back as well and need some help!

What you need is:

Patience, patience, patience!

It is so, so hard! Yes, it will look pretty ugly when those strays start growing in "weird places" and often in the "wrong direction". It will get better, I promise! Give it at least 2 month for some visible results! I think it took me about 3 month to have some results that were alright.

Don´t touch your eyebrows!

Really, try not too touch them - or even to think about them. Don´t pluck at all for at least 4 weeks and after that only if they grew in really inappropriate places (like on your lid or completely off your eyebrow) because once you start plucking the risk of over plucking is too big.

Do not look in the magnifying mirror!

When I see a stray hair, I want to get it! So I better don´t see it in the first place! ;-)

Apply Castor oil 

Castor oil is being known to enhance hair growth and it is very affordable. Apply a thin layer every night on your eyebrows. This will help get the root healthy and reveal new hair!

Fill in those gaps!

This is the time your eyebrows need even more attention to look good. I had pretty rough weeks where I just looked ridiculous. I love the Billion Dollar Brow pencil to fill in those gaps! BTW until this day I have one tiny spot where not one hair ever grew back. But I am not giving up! ;-)

Shape the stray hair

The Nyx eyebrow shaper really helped me with those strays that grow in the wrong direction. It can hold the hair in the position you want it in.

Use products with grow enhancing ingredients

The Lashem Color Strokes brow tint has some grow enhancing serum included and I recommend using this to speed up the process. It also includes some tint (different shades available) to make your brows appear fuller.

Are you guilty of over plucking too? 

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